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Turning Pages is a non-profit organization that provides one-on-one tutoring for children and adults, in reading, writing and spelling. We tutor using the Orton-Gillingham approach which is multi-sensory and phonetic. We also provide training for teachers and parents in this approach, so they may create effective lessons for their students.


The training moves from simple to complex in a sequential, cumulative and systematic manner.

Trainees will receive explicit instruction on how to implement the Orton-Gillingham approach,

including the following techniques:


• Simultaneous Oral Spelling – Finger Spelling

• Tracing/Skywriting

• Penciling

• Arm-Spelling

• Blending

• And other multi-sensory techniques


Trainees receive 30 hours of hands-on instruction. This course is available for graduate credit or continuing education credits.


Upon completion, individuals will be able to create individualized lesson plans and be able to teach:


• Six syllable patterns

• Syllable division rules

• Spelling rules

• Phonemic Awareness

• Affixes

• Non-Phonetic (Red) Words

• Homophones


Please contact us for class schedules and fees.

2428 Burton SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 |  (616) 243 - 7323

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